Aero X
Project course, Bachelor Thesis, Aero X, 2015
Lund University, Lund, School of Industrial Design  

Aero X is a design project about preventing fires in the home. 
The purpose was to try to re-invent a product with a new take on trying to reduce 
the amount of fires in our homes. A new technology in fire suppression agents was 
investigated and implemented by method known as adaptive innovation to develop 
a product using an already existing technology and making it more attractive to the 
consumer market.
- "Fire extinguishing should be as easy as turning of the television"
The project shows, among other conclusions that there is a need for better and more intuitive solutions for preventing fires in the home environment. 
The concept developed during this project is an example of how this type of minimal fire extinguisher could potentially work and look like. The use of the product Aero X is perceived to contribute to a lowering of the amount of fires due to its accessibility and efficiency. With Aerosol as a suppressant medium there was a greater opportunity to design something new and exiting rather than a product you would hide away. Through adaptive innovation, a concept was developed using an existing technology and implementing it in a product and environment that has not been done before. Today’s fire extinguishers are not universally designed for everyone to use. Most commonly fire extinguishers are designed to be as functional, safe and intuitive as possible. Thus are restricted in size because of its content and are in many cases too large and heavy for anyone to operate. The goal with Aero X was to enable a more accessible product that more people would be confident using. Putting out fires should be easy. And since the potassium nitrate mist is non- toxic, environmentally friendly and leaves no residue, it could be safe.
Project by Johan Liljeros, 2015
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