Project course, Man and Nature, 2nd Cycle
Lund University, Lund, School of Industrial Design  

"Now / Then Project" - Featured at: Stockholm Furniture Fair, 6-11 Feb, 2017
In big cities where buildings grow tall and people live closer together, air quality can
be poor. Most air purifiers operate on timers, using electric filtration engines to purify air. 
They are designed to be efficient but not always beautiful. Can an efficient purification 
process be made beautifully, without the use of electricity?

OII uses an active carbon filter and is powered by a repurposed clock mechanism
instead. The filter is highly efficient, catching polluting molecules that flow through it, 
and the spring loaded mechanism is fully analogue. 

OII revives a beautiful old object. It now powers the purification process, circulating 
the air through the carbon filter at hourly intervals and providing better indoor air quality.
Project by Johan Liljeros, 2017
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