Hello, my name is Johan!
From a very young age building LEGOs I have loved to create, repair and fix things. I enjoy problem solving from small personal projects to complex work tasks. I’m a team player that loves to compete and I’m always up for a good challenge!
I believe in purposeful user-driven designs where the core of the product embodies its function. I strive to create valuable and inspiring experiences through smart and intuitive products.  

In addition to my education at Lund University and Georgia Tech, Atlanta, I have worked as a designer both in-house and in consultative design studios in both Sweden and Germany. My training as a professional designer has given me great experience developing products for a variety of start-ups and high profile clients both locally and globally.

Contact: hello@johanliljeros.com
Out of office...
I love sports, travel, music and outdoor activities.

Please reach out for full resume

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